Tarangi + Ankur || Hindu Gujrati Wedding at Hebrew Congregation of Washington

On Memorial Day weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing one of the loveliest weddings of my career so far - a stunning Hindu Gujrati wedding at the Hebrew Congregation of Washington, located in the heart of DC. It was especially exciting to shoot the wedding with my favorite wedding partner in crime, Dan Anderson! 

The wedding was nothing short of resplendent, and I couldn't have asked for a sweeter couple to work with. I already knew that Tarangi and Ankur were super sweet and wonderfully kind from their engagement shoot last winter, and it was a pleasure to work with them throughout a very long and eventful wedding day. Despite the ups and downs of a wedding day, Tarangi and Ankur were sweet, calm, goofy, and treated Dan and I like their own family. We had a blast spending the day with them! 

This blog is a bit special as I got to talk to Tarangi and Ankur about each other, and they each gave me some lovely stories. Without further ado, presenting Tarangi and Ankur! 

How did you meet? 
Tarangi: You may expect that because we were both in the same place at the same, we have the picture-perfect “how we met” story. The reality is I apparently don’t remember the first time we met! While I remember the people he was with and the day he describes, I don’t recall meeting the man who has become my best friend. I know Ankur is never going to let me live this down! Anyhow, Ankur and I shared mutual friends at Ohio State. I first noticed-noticed him when he smiled across the room at me during his 21st birthday party. We gradually got to know each other better as we went to concerts, festivals and parties with mutual friends. I say it doesn’t matter how we met, but that I grew to love his big heart and ability to make me laugh to the point where my nostrils flare.

Ankur: Tarangi and I first ACTUALLY met our freshman year at Ohio State on an elevator in Lincoln Tower. We were introduced to each other by mutual friends, but the conversation ended there. We occasionally ran into each other at different events around campus for the next couple of years, but we did not actually start being friends until the beginning of our junior year. After growing closer throughout the year, we ended up going on our first date in the spring of 2009. Since our first date, I have appreciated Tarangi's smart sense of intuition and ability to bring me comfort in all situations. 

Where did you have your first date? 

For their first official date, Ankur planned an evening of what sounded to him like a ton of fun. The catch was that the plans were going to be a surprise for Tarangi! One of the first questions she asked him was, “Well how will I know what to wear?” Ankur soon realized Tarangi was going to keep things interesting.

Ankur granted Tarangi three questions to ask leading up to the date. Once she got the answers to her detective-like questions, she pieced together Ankur’s secretive plan, but decided not to tell him in the spirit of fun.

Ankur took Tarangi to a Columbus Clipper’s game that evening. After they returned from the game, they went for a stroll around campus and talked until dawn. It was a picture-perfect evening that Tarangi managed not to spoil by spilling Ankur’s surprise! 

When did you know that this was it?
After graduating from Ohio State, Tarangi and Ankur decided to continue their happy relationship despite the distance between their homes and their desires to pursue demanding professional degrees. Ankur moved back to Chicago for work and then started law school in Cleveland. Meanwhile, Tarangi moved back home to Gaithersburg before her transition to Roanoke for medical school. Thank goodness for Skype and text messaging! Over this time, they learned more about each other, fell in love with each others’ families, shared in milestones and created new memories together. There was no aha moment when they knew this was it. Rather, Tarangi and Ankur grew to realize they couldn't live without one another with each passing day. 

Where did the proposal take place?
Ankur planned the perfect proposal in Washington, D.C. that was private and sentimental. They immediately shared their excitement with both families as they moved one step closer to their "happily ever after!" 

What made you decide to get married at the Hebrew Congregation?
Since the engagement, Tarangi and Ankur loved the idea of getting married in the city where they hope to establish their home. As soon as they visited the Washington Hebrew Congregation, there was no question that the beautiful chapel with large windows would provide the perfect setting for their wedding. They were also stunned by the grand foyer and gorgeous banquet hall where they cannot wait to celebrate with their closest friends and family.

Where are you going for your honeymoon? 
This is for Ankur to know and Tarangi to find out after the wedding! You know how much she loves surprises! 

Venue: Hebrew Congregation of Washington
Hair and Makeup: The Beautique by Sapna
Decorator: Liz Walters
Video: My Video Inc.
Cake: Classic Bakery
Caterer: Godavari, Bollywood Bistro
Banquet Services: Black n' White